Doctor Bernard & His Friends

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Dr. BernardHe's everybody’s favorite doctor who loves helping us stay happy, healthy and fit! 

Birthday: June 13th  

Hobbies: Making new friends, playing catch, reading, teaching healthy habits 

Favorite Color: Red  

Doctor Bernard says: "Treat Yourself Right!"



She's Doctor Bernard's bouncy buddy who's always on the move! Hopscotch


Birthday: September 19th  

Hobbies: Laughing, listening and dancing to music, sports, outdoor games  

Favorite Sports Team: SkyBlue FC  

Favorite Healthy Snack: Carrots  

Favorite Color: Yellow  

Hopscotch says: "Keep Yourself Moving, Let’s Go!"


PicatsoHe's a furry pal who keeps his mind healthy and strong through learning and creativity!  

Birthday: January 7th

Hobbies: Painting, drawing & writing - he loves anything creative

Favorite Sports Team: Wildcats

Favorite Healthy Snack: Goldfish crackers

Favorite Color: Orange

Picatso says: "Meowser!"