Join the Pawsitive Action Team

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What is Pawsitive Action?

Working together is the most important way we get things done. “Pawsitive Action” is the code name for Doctor Bernard’s special team of friends committed to promoting health, friendship and fun throughout the community. We would love to have you as our newest Pawsitive Action Pal!

How do I join the team?

Ask your parents first, and tell them you want to promote “Pawsitive Action,” and ask them to fill out this application. That’s it!

Why should I take part in Pawsitive Action?

When we’re part of a team, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. After you sign up for Pawsitive Action, we’ll send you a special, free care package. Throughout the year, you’ll receive invitations to attend special events with Dr. Bernard. You may even get a birthday card, and most importantly, you will receive fun games and information about making the right choices, from being nice and courteous, to staying fit and eating nutritious food, to using your imagination and learning all kinds of fun, new things! Welcome to Doctor Bernard’s team!

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