Hopscotch Stories

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Remember when we asked you to write a story about one of Hopscotch's adventures? Thank you for sending your fun and creative tales!

One of your stories, “Hopscotch Goes to the Carnival,” was featured in our summer issue of KidViews Magazine. Now, you can read all the great submissions that were sent in!

We love to see how creative each and every one of you can be. Show us how well you can write, send us your poems and stories!


Hopscotch Goes to the Carnival

By Jordan Osofsky
Age: 8  

Hopscotch was SOO overjoyed! For her birthday, she was going to a carnival. Today! She wanted to go on the merry-go-round, bumper cars, motorcycles and her all time favorite, the 'Super Bunny Ride" as she called it. All of the rides were great, but the Super Bunny ride was terrific. It shot her up in the air and she could see the whole fair, then it came down. Hopscotch had a fantastic day. She went to the carnival on her birthday.  

Hopscotch Story

By Nickolas J. Lam
Age: 10  

"Ahhh!" Those were the screams of people at the carnival. One hot summer day, Hopscotch decided to go to the county fair. She paid her ticket and went inside. The first ride she saw was the Ferris wheel. She waited on line for about two minutes, and then boarded the ride. The Ferris wheel then started to move. It moved slowly up and then slowly down. Happily, Hopscotch went off the ride safely. She was a little afraid of Ferris wheels because she was afraid of heights. But she conquered her fear, and went on the ride. She then spotted a stand for cotton candy. Hopscotch darted toward the stand.  

"May I please have a pink cotton candy? " Hopscotch asked.  

"Why sure, Hopscotch!" the man replied. He then handed Hopscotch the pink cotton candy. She saw some benches, and sat down. At four o'clock, Hopscotch then went home and told her dad that she had the best day of her life.  

Hopscotch's Adventure to Mars

By Jillian Johnson
Age: 10  

As Hopscotch landed her blue rocket ship on Mars, she suddenly saw something moving in the corner of her eye. She quickly opened the door to the ship and started floating. "Whoa!" she said, "I can't believe I'm doing this!" After 5:00 p.m. she saw a little space creature walk over to her. He gave her a rhinestone with a space rock! Hopscotch had a great trip.  

Story about Hopscotch

By Grace Sullivan
Age: 4  

Hopscotch went to ballet class and learned to spin, leap, do 5 positions and curtsy. Then she came home and climbed a tree. The End  

Hopscotch Story

By Emma Jacob
Age: 7

I wrote a story about Hopscotch because I like to helping other and because I was in the hospital once and I enjoyed the stuffed animals they gave me. 

Hopscotch has a big heart and a great idea, so she calls all of her bunny friends to help. She tells her friends about kids in the hospital who might feel sad and lonely. All the bunnies quickly take $4 out of their piggy banks and hop off to buy toys, coloring books, and other fun stuff. When they take the gifts to the hospital the kids there are excited! Hopscotch and her friends now have even bigger hearts and another great idea…