Picatso's Art Gallery

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Picatso loves seeing pictures of all the fun and interesting places his Pawsitive Pals have visited with you and your families.

 DoctorBernardInEurope2Saying hello from the mountain tops of Europe!
 DrBinAlpsDoctor Bernard mountain climbing in the Alps.
HopscotchInGermany Soccer champion & K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital Spokesperson, Christie Rampone, and Pawsitive Action Pal, Hopscotch, check in from the 2011 World Cup in Germany.
 DoctorBernardinHaitiDoctor Bernard on a medical mission with the Meridian Health team in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.
 DoctorBernardInHaiti2Doctor Bernard poses for pictures with the Meridian Health medical team in Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

Going on vacation soon?  Picatso wants to see your pictures with him and his friends Doctor Bernard and Hopscotch! Send them to doctorbernard@meridianhealth.com 

Picatso Loves your Wintertime Ideas!  

In the fall, Picatso asked Kidviews readers to mail in drawings of the ways your family stays active during the snowy months. There were so many great indoor and outdoor activities that you sent… and Picatso can't wait to try them all out herself!  

Here are the submissions you sent in to Picatso: