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Fun & Games 

Explore some of the fun and games offered at Doctor Bernard's Kids' Clubhouse:





Coloring Pages

Click on one of the pictures below for a full size page to color.

 coloring_page_one  coloring_page_two  coloring_page_three  coloring_page_four
 Hopscotch_coloringICONSbike  Hopscotch_coloringICONSipod  Hopscotch_coloringICONSrun  _coloringICONSsandwich

Create A Card

Do you have a friend or family member that you want to send a card to?

Click on one of the cards below to print and color. Cards are 10-1/2 x 7-3/4 and can be printed two-sided or glued together. Then just fold in the center.


Happy Birthday


 doctor_bernard_cardAn apple a day, keeps the doctor away. Feel better soon.


You're an inspiration. Happy Birthday.


Hare's to you getting better fast.


Games to Download 

pdf_iconCreate A Word

  • Try your best to create as many words from the letters

pdf_iconConnect The Dots

  • Can you connect the dots to discover Doctor Bernard's newest pal?

pdf_iconWhat's Missing?

  • See if you can find what's missing from the pictures of the Pawsitive Action Team

pdf_iconWord Scramble

  • Do your best to unscramble letters to find out what Doctor Bernard's motto is

pdf_iconWord Find

  • Find words related to Doctor Bernard and the Pawsitive Action Team in this fun puzzle