Before Your Arrival

Once your physician has confirmed that your child will need to be admitted to the hospital, there are several things that you should be aware of. 

Your child's doctor should discuss with you what day your child will be admitted to the hospital. At that time, they should let you know any special instructions or considerations prior to admission.   

Before or at the time of admission, your insurance information will be reviewed by a member of the hospital's Access Services Department.   

What to Bring

  • Physician names, addresses, phone and fax numbers
  • Medical history, and a list of current medications including the medication names and doses
  • Insurance information (including medical, pharmacy, and dental insurance cards)
  • Authorization/referral from your child's physician or insurance company
  • Your child's social security number
  • The parent's employer information
  • Emergency contact information
  • Custody, divorce, or guardianship papers, if needed, to verify who can sign for the child's medical tests and procedures

What to Pack

To make your child's stay more comfortable, we recommend packing a few familiar items. 

  • Books, movies, puzzles, games, snacks, and toys
  • Your child's favorite sippy cup or eating utensils
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Pajamas and slippers
  • A favorite stuffed animal, blanket, toy, or pillow
  • Glasses, hearing aids, or orthopedic aids
  • Toiletries
  • Medications your child is currently taking
  • Special diets/formula
  • Schoolwork, if appropriate  

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