Getting Your Child Ready

In preparation for your child's stay in the hospital, it is important to help put your child at ease by letting them know what to expect.

  • Assure your child they won't be alone. 
    One of children's biggest fears is of being left all alone in an unfamiliar place. Make sure to reassure your child that you or other family members will always be there, along with a staff of nurses and doctors.  

  • Encourage Questions. 
    Create an open and honest environment where you child feels free to ask questions regarding their upcoming experience. Be honest with your answers, if you don't know the answer…let them know you will find out!  

  • Read All About It. 
    Visit the children's book section of your local library or bookstore to find picture books about illness, visiting the doctor or hospital. Read together to share concerns and questions.  

  • Get them involved. 
    Allow your child to select some special items to pack for their hospital stay including blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, games, etc.    

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