After Surgery

Once your child's surgery is complete, it is our goal to reunite you with your child as soon as possible, so they can be with you as they wake up and recover.

For Day Surgery

You will be taken to be with your child within the recovery room, and able to stay there until he or she is recovered. From there, your child will be moved to the Short-Stay recovery area. Once it is determined that your child is awake, alert, and able to drink liquids, they will be able to go home.   

Upon discharge, you'll receive instructions for further recuperation at home, including diet, activities, and medications, and for a follow-up appointment.


For Inpatient Surgery

After surgery, your child will be taken either to the recovery room or the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU). If your child is taken to the recovery room, you will stay with them there until your child is taken to their hospital room.   

If your child is taken to the PICU, you will be instructed on where you may wait and when you can be with your child.   

Learn more about Your Child's Stay    

During recovery, there may be times of discomfort for your child. It can help to explain that your child may be sore or uncomfortable, but will get better.  

Distracting your child, whether with a new book or a visit from a relative or friend, also can make recovery more pleasant. Just make sure your child gets plenty of time to rest and recuperate.