Before the Appointment

The health care team at K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital is dedicated to treating each child as one of their own.

From check-up's to surgeries, our staff of physicians and specialists are here to serve all of your child's health care needs.

Make An Appointment

To find a physician or specialist affiliated with K. Hovnanian Children's Hospital, click here or call the Meridian Health Line at 1-800-560-9990. If you know the specialty/department that your child needs, click here to select from our listing of Services.


Preparing for Your Visit

To make the best use of your visit with your child's doctor, follow our tips below to be prepared:  

  • Write It Down
    Prior to your visit, make sure to write down any questions you or your child may have. Review all of your child's symptoms including when they started, the history of the problem, and any treatments that may have been tried. List your concerns in priority order to ensure your most pressing issues are addressed.  

  • Gather Information and Related Records
    If you have information about your child's allergies or other health problems, bring these records along, particularly if you are seeing a physician for the first time. Additionally, make sure to bring along a list of your child's current medications including their names and doses. Take note of any over-the-counter remedies you might be using, and whether your child is taking any additional medications prescribed by another doctor.   

  • Prepare to Brief and Clear
    Make sure you mentally rehearse your description of your child's symptoms and history prior to visiting the doctor. Your descriptions should be as specific as possible, and should avoid vague statements (i.e. "She's not been feeling well lately").  

  • Consider Bringing Support
    To help with remembering your questions and doctor's instructions, you may want to bring a trusted friend or family member to the appointment with you. 

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