The Day of the Appointment

The day of your child's appointment, make sure to bring the following items with you:

  • Doctor or specialist's name
  • Department and building name (including floor)
  • Name and telephone number of your referring doctor
  • Any forms mailed to you by the department
  • Insurance information
  • Co-payment for your insurance, if applicable
  • Your child's and your Social Security numbers (for insurance reasons)
  • Medical records and test results, including X-rays or lab results. 
  • Authorizations or referrals from your child's primary care doctor, if necessary
  • A listing of your child's medications
  • A listing of your questions for the doctor  

Some other helpful tips for the day of the appointment:

  • Leave Yourself Plenty of Time
    Give yourself plenty of extra time to park and get to your appointment (approximately 30 minutes). Often, traffic and parking takes a bit longer than expected. Please try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for the check-in process.  

  • Be Prepared for Possible Delays
    Unfortunately, we cannot always account for unexpected emergencies or potentially busy days however, it is important to note that you and your child are important to us. In case of possible delays, bring along your child's favorite book or activity to keep them occupied.  

  • Bring Extra Hands for Additional Children
    If it is necessary for you to bring other children to the appointment, we recommend that you try to bring another adult for assistance.     

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