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For Immediate Release
May 23, 2013
Contact : Maureen Gillespie, Public Relations Manager  
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Jersey Shore Sports Medicine cares for kids at annual Manalapan Memorial Day Soccer Tournament

Experts in pediatric sports medicine and concussion to provide free care for young athletes  

Neptune, NJ - The medical team from Jersey Shore Sports Medicine, led by nationally recognized sports medicine expert Stephen Rice, M.D. Ph.D., MPH, Director, Jersey Shore Sports Medicine, will provide free health care for athletes at the Manalapan Memorial Day Soccer Tournament, to be held from Friday, May 24 through Sunday, May 26, 2013. The event will be headquartered at the Manalapan Recreation Center, with additional satellite locations. 

The annual tournament includes several days of competitive youth soccer with more than 5,000 athletes, ages 8 through 19, and 360 teams competing. 

For the thirteenth year, Jersey Shore’s Sports Medicine will provide medical coverage at the tournament during the hours of play. Dr. Rice, along with his dedicated team, including sports medicine fellows Emelynn Fajardo, D.O. and Sonja Vindheim, D.O., will staff a medical tent at the Manalapan Recreation Center, and smaller units at Manalapan High School and the Vanderburg Soccer Complex in Marlboro.

The team is trained to handle medical conditions typically associated with intense athletic participation, including bumps, bruises, strains, and sprains. They also provide quality first aid through ice, compression, and elevation of injured body parts.

However, the team’s expertise in the pediatric sports medicine field and advanced equipment, including knee immobilizers, pneumatic walker boots, ankle braces, crutches, slings and compression dressings, enables them to provide a level of care and service not usually available at tournaments. The team is prepared to treat ankle injuries, including sprains and ankle growth plate fractures, as well as knee ligament sprains, major thighs contusions and exertional heat illness.  Each year, care is rendered to nearly 200 individuals at the several venues where coverage is provided.
“Our sports medicine team at Jersey Shore is committed to providing quality care for young athletes”, says Dr. Rice, “With our well equipped medical tent and expert caregivers, we are able to treat injuries as soon as they arise. This enables us to minimize damage and swelling that can occur in vigorous, competitive play, and also to assess if anything more serious, like concussion, has occurred. It’s our goal to help kids and their families enjoy a fun, active and safe day of competitive soccer.”