Epilepsy & Neurology

At K. Hovnanian Children’s Hospital, our pediatric neurology specialists treat conditions that impact everything from headache and migraine disorders through movement disorders in pediatric patients from birth to young adult. In each instance, it’s vital that a multidisciplinary partnership is formed with your neurologist to help you and your child learn to manage the condition.


While rare, children can be affected by accidents and conditions that require brain surgery. Pediatric neurosurgery is a sub-specialty that requires fellowship training after residency and medical school to specialize in the care of children. Working with pediatricians, pediatric neurologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, oncologists, geneticists and trauma surgeons and experts in a variety of programs, our pediatric neurosurgery program is staffed by leading experts in the field.

Pediatric Neurosurgery


Our neurologists work closely with our dedicated pediatric hematology/oncology team and pediatric neurosurgical team to diagnose and treat brain and spinal tumors. Depending on the aggressiveness of a child’s tumor, our team works collaboratively to safely treat your child.

Our Pediatric Epilepsy and Neurology Specialists

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Our certified teams strive to reduce anxiety by ensuring that your family understands how and why the medical team is taking care of your child.

24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week